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Browse through medical practices currently for sale in Arizona at Arizona Medical Practice Brokers.  Find a seller-financed Arizona medical practice opportunity today! 

With the everchanging healthcare landscape and the increasing competitiveness among physician practices, many physician owners are looking at acquiring other medical practices. The decision to buy, sell, or merge a medical practice is more complicated than ever. There are so many more elements than merely determining a medical practice’s worth.

Since no two medical practices are the same, a diligent effort must be made to obtain any information relevant to the purchase of a physician’s practice and its assets.   Due diligence gives a buyer peace of mind that they’re making the right deal and have all the information they need to make a prudent purchasing decision. This information can include learning more about the practice’s existing patient base and referral relationships. It can either validate optimistic assumptions or warn of potential irregularities. As valuations and acquisition prices are intertwined, physician owners must invest in quality due diligence reporting and services.

Engaging a professional healthcare business broker to act as an intermediary and advisor is one of the best ways to avoid potentially expensive missteps when buying a medical practice. Search our medical businesses for sale and find the right one for you.

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers is the only healthcare brokerage firm to offer follow-up services like a free post-sale appraisal. We believe in success after the sale of a medical practice. Without that component, we don’t feel that we have served our practice buyers to the best of our ability. Our experience and expertise as medical practice brokers enable us to offer personalized support and assistance throughout the sales process. We understand that you, as a physician, work full time. That is why our advisors focus on alleviating the daunting process and are committed to holding your hand each step of the way. We will thoroughly explain the process of purchasing a practice, and we will give you our undivided attention when you have questions.

 We offer Buyer Representation for practices that are not listed with Arizona Medical Practice Brokers and will be your advocate working exclusively for you during the entire transaction. We are experienced at medical practice acquisition and understand that price and terms are critical components. Our due diligence and knowledge of business plan development and valuations will minimize the financial risk of your investment. We will assist you in securing financing, typically with very little money as a down payment.

We pride ourselves on our personal touch and compassion during the entire practice buying process. Our experience has prepared us to handle the many ups and downs of purchasing a medical practice, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Search our medical businesses for sale and find the right one for you.

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