This well-established audiology clinic provides a 314% return on investment. In 2020, this clinic saw 267 new clients and has assisted 1,194 clients in the area since 2018 without any marketing.

The family-owned and operated clinic was established in 1984 and serves the East Texas region. The company provides audiology and hearing aid services for adults, including comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations and fittings, and special diagnostic tests. The current owners are the audiologist, providing all patient services. The current owners are the audiologist, who is responsible for all audiological diagnoses & instrument sales, and his business manager & spouse, who is responsible for accounting, post-sale patient support, and insurance claim management. The clinic draws patients from a 30-mile radius.

This audiology clinic is not tied to a physician or franchise, which gives the company freedom to be its own private practice and see clients as they wish.

At the purchase price of $345,000, a 10% down payment of $34,500 returns $108,195 in the first year after debt payments, which is a 314% return on investment.

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