integrative Medicine Practice For Sale

The founding physician created an integrative center in 1985 with a vision for healthy healing. Despite no direct marketing and accepting only four insurance companies, this wellness center has grown and thrived from word of mouth. More and more patients seek out an alternative to the large physician/hospital conglomerate model. This family medicine practice treats newborns to geriatric patients in a polite, positive, professional, and soothing environment. Patients needing guidance with any aspect of their health or medical problems, including hypertension, diabetes, diet, weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, acute infections, or chronic conditions, are treated by this integrative center. Preventative programs such as hormone replacement and anti-aging programs are offered. Optimal health maintenance, including employment exams, sports exams, annual physicals, and biometric screenings, seek care from the practice. This integrative center specializes in prescribing natural treatment programs for patients who desire to reduce or eliminate chronic medications such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or anti-depressant medications. The founder is the only plant-based physician in Metropolitan Phoenix and is highly sought after for nutrition guidance. All patients are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles to reduce illnesses and prevent disease.

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